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10 février 2019

An e-textbook scandal rocks Antigua

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Technology in education the new eldorado of corrupters and corrupted. the solution is open source ebook and softwares. Here is a list of free softwares : https://www.gnu.org/software/free-software-for-education.fr.html also an example of use of free resources in Madagascar : https://varlyproject.wordpress.com/2018/03/19/how-kids-in-a-low-income-country-use-laptops-lessons-from-madagascar/

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antigua 1A couple of weeks ago, the leader of the opposition in Antigua, Jamale Pringle, called for the resignation of the Minister of Education, Michael Browne. Why?

The heat has been turned up over the matter of some 6,000 e-books due to be used in secondary schools. These books were contracted from an Indian firm, FortunaPix, for $9 million. The heart of the debate lies over an additional licensing fee of US$250 for every eBook user per year, totaling $5 million per annum, that was never brought to the attention of the Cabinet.

The Education Minister is being accused of not following correct contractual procedures. Some are even questioning whether he received kick-backs during the procurement, while leaving the country with this annual bill. This has resulted in the Prime Minister warning of consequences for those who signed the contract. It also led to the Education Minister telling the 2019 budget…

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